The Three Little Bears
A Country Store and More

About the Store

The Three Little Bears Cottage Store opened in December 2013 primarily as a convenience store on Highway 1 in Smiths Cove. We (the owners) added a few extra facets to it, such as a Christian book area, a consignment area, Dutch and local food products, framed local photos, tropical plants, with plans to develop more.  

Due to a family situation, we closed the store at its Smiths Cove location in August 2014 and moved to 20 Waldec Line Road, Deep Brook. Plans are to reopen in the summer of 2015 with a new line of products including birds houses and feeders; lawn ornaments; gift baskets; framed photographs, calendars, greeting cards and postcards of local scenes; Dutch and European food products; artificial flower arrangements; pets, pet foods and supplies including custom-built cages and hutches; livestock feed and supplies; Christian books, DVDs, Christian-focused gift baskets; candles; greenhouse flowers and vegetables; farm birds and animals, and whatever else we can manage to find room for! The Three Little Bears Country Farm will be further developed this spring at 440 Purdy Road, Deep Brook. Once fully in production, fruit and vegetables along with flowers from this site will be sold.