The Three Little Bears
A Country Store and More

About Us

Ian and Diana deZeeuw are the owners of The Three Little Bears Cottage Store and Gift Shop. In mid-September 2013, they sold Fundy's Mountain General Store, a general store with takeout in Hillsburn, Nova Scotia, and purchased a new property at 121 Highway 1, Smiths Cove, in order to start a multi-faceted small business that would serve the local population throughout the year, a larger group through niche products, campers and tourists over the summer months. They brought much of their stock, shelving, equipment with them! The store building was a renovated house so the atmosphere was homey. In May 2014, Diana's mother moved up from Florida to live with them. They decided to move the business to their new home at 20 Waldec Line Road in Deep Brook so that they would be closer to her during the day. The store itself likely will not reopen in its new form until mid-summer 2015 as they will be busy during the spring developing their fruit and vegetable hobby farm, The Three Little Bears Country Farm, at 440 Purdy Road, Deep Brook, as well as building up farm and pet livestock at 20 Waldec Line Road.

Ian is Canadian born with many years of experience in retail and agriculture. Diana was born in New York but immigrated to Canada in the late 1980's. Her background was in publishing.  Before moving to Nova Scotia, they owned and operated Noah's Farm in Lyn, Ontario, a large exotic livestock farm that offered farm tours and B&B accommodations. Aside from their love for and appreciation of animals, they share a deep Christian faith and were delighted to have found the Smiths Cove United Baptist Church. Now that they live in Deep Brook, they are attending the Deep Brook Baptist Church, a small but growing church with a great congregation and inspiring pastor. The non-human contingent of their family includes three dogs, seven cats (three are kittens adopted from the Smiths Cove feral population), rabbits and numerous birds. 

Ian plans to further develop his love for photography by expanding his photography business. He intends to begin producing in 2015 a line of local postcards, calendars, greeting cards, framed photos. Diana has already resurrected her writing and editing career by working as a freelancer. Visit her website Atlantic Editorial Services for more information. She also maintains her own blog about the ups and downs of being a relative newcomer to Nova Scotia, Moving East to Nova Scotia.